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Keep your home cool and dry, all year round

Ventilation is an important aspect of maintaining your home and keeping it comfortable. A solar ventilation system works by providing a continual flow of air with controlled temperature through the home and attic space, helping remove overheated air and moisture from the attic and roof system and reduce the impact of changing temperatures and moisture conditions both inside and outside the home.

How it works

The technology has no moving parts other than the ventilation fan, so it lasts for decades. Maintenance requirements are very minimal due to the simplicity of the technology.

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The problem

Letting your attic breathe is an important part of maintaining a healthy and energy-efficient home.

As the sun heats your roof throughout the day, attic temperatures can reach over 60 degrees in the summer without proper ventilation. When your attic cannot breathe, the resulting trapped heat and moisture can cause numerous problems including higher electric bills, mould outbreaks, and ultimately the deterioration of your roof over time.


Solar ventilation fans offer the perfect solution to this ventilation problem by continuously removing attic heat and moisture throughout the day, and do so for absolutely no cost of operation. working as a self-regulating system with your attic, the more intensely the sun beats down on your roof, the faster our fans remove hot air to cool your attic.  When your attic is cooler, everything in your attic just works better.

Types and options

Collectors come in different sizes. The size and number of collectors you’ll install depends on how much sunshine your roof gets and how much hot water you use in your home.  They are also made in two styles: flat plate and evacuated tube.

Flat plate collectors are generally less expensive, but can capture less sunlight and are less efficient in colder conditions.

Evacuated tube collectors take up less space on your roof, but are heavier and more fragile.

Financing option available!

A well financed, properly sized solar system can save you more money every month than it costs you to finance. Financing is a great solution that will help you save money immediately, if you don’t want to spend the cash upfront.

Bring down bills

Ready to start saving money? Send us your information and our experts will reach out to you and help you define your needs, understand the options and make a plan that works!

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