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Natural light, day and night!

Solar Skylight brings daylight to indoor spaces in ways that artificial illumination cannot. You will not only experience sunshine, but also the passing moonlight and clouds, reflected through your solar daylight tube.

How it works

Creating a bright, sunshine-filled space offers more than a reduction in electricity cost. Natural sunlight boosts your mood and provides your body with needed vitamin D, but not all of your home has access to enough sunlight from standard windows.
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What are they?

Solar skylights are also called sun tunnels, light tubes, and tubular skylights, but they are all structurally similar. an acrylic or poly-carbonate dome installed on the home’s roof catches the sunlight, which is reflected down a rigid or flexible sheet metal tube in the attic before shining on the diffusing lens in the room’s ceiling. they can be 10-inch, 14-inch, or larger. both skylights and solar tubes shine light from above the home into the interior. therefore, they can only be used on the building’s highest floor.


Installing a solar skylight is easier than it sounds, given that it is done by a professional. the whole job can take as little as two hours but certainly no more than a half day. The solar skylight/dome is installed on the roof with the proper flashing, and the tube is extended from the dome to the room’s ceiling. The diffuse is then set into the ceiling without needing to do more than minimal interior finishing work.

Financing option available!

A well financed, properly sized solar system can save you more money every month than it costs you to finance. Financing is a great solution that will help you save money immediately, if you don’t want to spend the cash upfront.

Bring down bills

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