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Who knew you could get all of this in solar!

Check out our wide selection of solar products for all your solar needs.
Solar Panels are the building blocks of solar energy production. They convert sun light into electricity that can be used to power your home, office or warehouse.

Solar Inverters

The inverter is the brain of a solar system. Inverters transform DC electricity produced by your solar panels into 240 volt AC electricity used in your home.

Solar batteries store excess power produced by your solar panels so that you can draw on it later.

Captures energy

Traditional hot water systems usually use more power that most other home systems. Solar hot water is an easy and efficient way to dramatically reduce power expenses.
Solar skylight is a green new solution that delivers free lighting both day & night.
Solar ventilation preheat has the lowest cost and highest efficiency ventilation solution compared to other technologies.

Step by step

SolarUPS’s process is tailored to provide comfort, customisation and accuracy. We start by analysing your needs considering all possibilities. We then design a few solutions that will satisfy your needs. We present you with options and help you understand the cost, benefit dynamic for each solution. After you settle on a solution, we then process your government support grant, finalise our design and start the installation. When all is finished to your satisfaction, our technical support team will be there to provide you with continuous guidance and help.

Step 1. he cost benefit ratio

On a quick, 10-minute phone call, our team of solar experts will evaluate your home’s solar potential using advanced 3D aerial imagery technology and discuss your current electricity bill.

Step 3. solution & design

Our professionally-trained Solar Consultant will review your custom system design, guaranteed energy production, a choice of payment options, incentives, warranties and more.

Step 5. hassle-free installation

Our project management team will handle permitting, inspections, interconnection, and more during your project you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Step 2. a tailored solar system for you

If your home is a good candidate for solar, our team of system designers will custom-design a system specifically for your home. Why do we do this? Because we want to maximize your energy production!

Step 4. final design

Our energy expert will provide you multiple solar energy solutions for you to choose a final design.

Step 6. maintenance & support

You’ll receive support for the lifetime by our qualified Technical Team. Make your solar investment count and be assured that you are only a phone call away to receive very high-quality support for all your future queries.

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